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Privacy & Policy

Biswas.tv is the name of a new horizon of entertainment. Here you will find live TV, news, sports, drama, and the latest movies from all over the world. All in one. All entertainment is now at hand. Trams & condition 1. The user will be able to watch the channels of Biswas TV by signing up with public ID and password. 2. By purchasing monthly or annual package, you will be able to watch all live TV from home and abroad. With the same package, you will be able to watch with website, Android app or smart TV app. 3. All user data will be stored. 4. If a user is inactive for 3 months, the authorities will delete all his information. 5. The logo or link of Biswas TV cannot be used anywhere else. . 6 Users will be able to share the trust TV. . 7 Users will be able to make comments, but if it is contrary to trust TV, those comments will be deleted by the authorities. 8 Users can report any problems related to Biswas TV by email or phone— support@biswastv.com or +8801675140877